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PAY CALCULATION for Group 'A' Officers on IDA. >>>>>>>>>


CEC of Kerala Circle at Trivandrum on 14-10-2005


SNEA Kerala Circle to publish Telecom Executives Diary 2006 along with comprehensive and compact Technical Hand Book. The cost of the diary with Technical Hand Book will be Rs.110/-. For details Click Here>>>>>>>


31st  August 2005Association takes up the case of promotion of SDEs to Adhoc DEs and restoration of powers of CGMs with Chairman Telecom Commission with sufficient and reasonable arguments.>>>>>>>>>>>

31st  August 2005Director (HRD) assures SNEA that all positive efforts will be taken to carry out the DPCs for promotion of JTOs to SDEs and SDEs to Adhoc DEs.

31st  August 2005GS interacts with the members of the Committee appointed to look into issues of man-power planning. The committee promises expeditious and positive action.

31st  August 2005Association actively pursuing the issues for the perks for the Executives, restoration of powers of CGM to create posts, promotion of JTOs to SDEs and SDEs to Adhoc DEs, and man-power planning very aggressively.

30th  August 2005Promotion of JTOs to SDEs.- In spite of sustained persual from the Association, Management not able to proceed further because only a few Circles listed below has so far intimated the vacancy position of SDEs for 2003-04 & 2004-05. (1) STR (2) STP (3) NETF (4) QA (5) Chattisgarh (6) A&N (7) Gujarat (8) WTP (9) NCES (10) J&K (11) ALTTC (12) Haryana (13) NTP (14) Rajasthan (15) Punjab (16) West Bengal (17) Madhya Pradesh (18) Chennai Telephones. Circle Secretaries of the remaining Circles may immediately persue the case and ensure that the vacancy position of SDEs in respect of their Circles are intimated to Corporate Office  without further delay. Copies from the Circles may be obtained and faxed to the CHQ within a week time.

KERALA NEWS29th  August 2005Officiating orders issued for 37 TTAs as JTOs. Order No. ST III/2-5/offtg dated 29-08-2005->->->->->->->->
27th  August 2005Officiating promotion for 16 SDEs as DEs- orders issued . Order No.ST-III/4-25/STS (Offg)/2005(II) dated 27-08-2005. >>>>>>>
27th  August 2005Transfer orders issued for 3 Officiating DEs - orders issued . Order No.ST-III/4-25/STS (Offg)/2005(II) dated 27-08-2005. >>>>>>>

27th  August 2005Com.W.Seshagiri Rao elected All India President of National Confederation of Officers Association ( An association of the Executives/ Officers in Central Government PSUs). We congratulate him and wish him all the best.

22nd  August 2005GS addresses Chairman Telecom Commission for immediate intervention in resolving the issues related to finalizing and implementation of promotion policy for Executives (Group B Officers) in BSNL. >>>>>>>>>>>
22nd  August 2005Association addresses Director (HRD) -  Fix a specific time frame for completion of DPC from JTO to SDE against 75% quota.>>>>>>>>>>>

22nd  August 2005GS writes to CMD BSNL - On the move for Arbitrary, Unilateral and Unacceptable changes being brought about in existing Rectt. Rules,  relating to functional promotions. In case the Management goes ahead with such proposition, it shall be next to impossible for us to restrain fifty thousand executives from taking recourse to Organizational actions because of such grave provocative actions. >>>>>>>>>>>

22nd  August 2005Association addresses CMD - Immediate shifting of SSA heads already charge sheeted/ contemplated charge sheets UP(W) tops the list.>>>>>>>>>>>

20th  August 2005THE Himachal Pradesh Circle  excelled in bringing about one of the most memorable seminar on "Role of Executives in Ensuring the Financial Viability of BSNL" in Manali (HP) on 19-08-2005 in connection with the CEC of SNEA (I) Himachal Pradesh Circle. Director (HRD) Sri. Niranjan Singh, CGM HP Sri.Rajinder Singh, GM Manali , GS Com.G.L.Jogi and Circle Secretary Com. Sudershan Kumar addressed the gathering. Director (HRD) informed and assured that all pending issues related to Promotion Policy will be settled in the immediate future. He also stated that the notification of Recruitment of 3000 JTOs will be released any moment. CGM appreciated activities of the Association with particular referance to its fight against corruption and nepotism.

KERALA NEWS20th  August 2005Officiating promotion of SDEs to DEs - ACRs with special reports are called from all SSAs - 36 SDEs of 1974 year of Rectt. are under consideration. Order No.AGM (A)/COn/CRCor/04-05>>>>>>

KERALA NEWS17th  August 200516 JTOs transferred to their places of choice as demanded by SNEA(I). The Association has been consistently pressurising the Circle Admn. for  their transfer at the appropriate opportunity. Association thanks the Circle Admn. for the prompt action taken. Order No. ST-III/2-10/Trfr-Genl.2005 dated 17-08-2005. >>>>>>

16th  August 2005Employer's contribution towards EPF of JTOs recruited after 01-10-2000 has been raised to 12% of BASIC + IDA without any ceiling. Orders to this effect issued by BSNL Corporate Office on 12-08-2005.The demand and effort of this Association in this direction has been fully honoured in spite of the severe statutory hurdles placed by the EPF Act 1952. We are extremely happy about this unprecedented achievements on behalf of our young comrades who will be enormously benefited by the new arrangement. Order No.500-85/2004-CA II/BSNL /KW dated 12-08-2005.>>>>>>>>.

9th  August 2005Restoration of powers to CGMs for sanctioning expenditure on Indoor medical expenditure and regulation for incurring the expenditure. Order No.BSNL/Admn.I/15-2/05 (Pt) dated 08-08-2005. >>>>>

9th  August 2005The scheduled meeting between Chairman Telecom Commission and CMD BSNL could not take place because CMD was away in Chennai. It is now expected to be held on tomorrow, Wednesday, 10-08-2005.

8th  August 2005JTOs promoted as SDEs - 111 JTOs left  out in the last promotion list promoted as SDEs - Order No.1-32/2004 - Pers II dated 08-08-2005>>>>>

5th  August 2005GS Com.G.L.Jogi, VP Com.A.A.Khan , AGS Com. Sukhvir Singh meets Director (HRD) and discusses the issues like promotion of JTOs to SDEs and SDEs to Adhoc DEs. The Director (HRD) assured that he is moving things in the positive direction. However vacancy position of SDEs have so far intimated only by 40% of Circles. Circle Secretaries may ensure that vacancy positions were intimated to Corporate Office without delay.

5th  August 2005The meeting between Chairman Telecom Commission and CMD+Director (HRD) is now slated for 5 PM on 08/08/2005.

3rd  August 2005GS Com.G.L.Jogi, VP Com.A.A.Khan , AGS Com. Sukhvir Singh meets CMD to discuss about the major pending issues particularly attendant conditions on Promotion Policy, Promotion of SDEs to STS, Restoration of powers of CGMS to create posts. CMD categorically assured that there was definite positive progress in respect of holding DPC for promotion of SDEs to STS consequent on our letter to Chairman Telecom Commission and on restoration of powers to CGMS. He also assured his contribution in reducing the stringent attendant conditions to Time Bound Promotion further.

2 nd  August 2005CMD and Director (HRD) meet Chairman Telecom Commission on 1st August 2005 and brief him on the Promotion Policy on Executives in BSNL based on the letter given by SNEA on 20-07-2005 to Chairman Telecom Commission (>>>>>>).The talks are expected to continue tomorrow (on 03/08/2005) before a final decision is reached.
2 nd  August 2005Promotion of JTOs to SDEs - 110 left out cases expected to be released with in two or three days.
2 nd  August 2005Orders on EPF of JTOs recruited in BSNL likely to be released shortly.
2 nd  August 2005The first sitting of the Committee constituted for recommending perks for Executives expected to be held on 12th August 2005.
1 th  July 2005Officiating orders issued for 148 TTAs as JTOs.Order No. ST III/2-5/offtg /TT dated 01-08-2005>>>>>>>>

31st  July 2005Circle conference of Chennai Telephones held with grandeur and glan. Technical Seminar attended by CGM, GMs on 29-07-2005 morning was a grand affair with great participation. The open session on 29-07-2005 evening attended by around 1200 SNEA activists was addressed by CGM Chennai Telephones Shri.K.B.BRAHMADATTAN, CHQ President Com. W.Seshagiri Rao, GS Com.G.L.Jogi, AGS Com.A.Sukumaran, CHQ Treasurer Com. H.Muthu, Jt.Secretary (South) Com.T.Issac,TN Circle Secretary Com.Jayapal, Circle Secreatry Chennai Com. M.Munuswamy, Shri. C.V.Vinod ITSA Secretary among others.The new team of office bearers elected unanimously are (1) President - Com Ranganathan, (2)  Circle Secretary - Com.V.Sunder,  (3) Treasurer - Com.H.Ramagopalan (4) Asst.Circle Secretaries - Com S.Sundararajan, Com N.Chittibabu (5) CWC Members - Com.M.Munuswamy, Com S.Venkatraman, Com.Karunanidhi.

28th  July 2005CHQ President Com.W.Seshagiri Rao and General Secretary Com.G.L.Jogi conclude their highly successful tour of Kerala Circle. Large crowds thronged venues at Ernakulam, Alleppy and Trivandrum to listen and interact with Gs and wish the very best to the GS and CHQ President Com.W.Seshagiri Rao. GS and the CHQ President highlighted various issues facing us and coming up on the service front as well as the financial setup of BSNL. The leaders exhorted the members to start immediate preparations to face any eventuality at short notice. The Gs informed the members that (1) a committee for finalising the perks for Executives of  BSNL is setup under the Chairmanship of Sr. DDG (FP) [ OrderNo.BSNL 31-1/SR/2005 dated 28-07-2005>>>>] (2) the process for assessing the vacancies of SDEs in various circles is progressing well. The DPC for promotion of JTOs to SDEs in the thus accessed vacancies is expected to commence with the proceedings by the end of August 2005. (3) The DPC for promotion of SDEs to STS, an issue prominently taken up by the Association with the Chairman Telecom Commission is receiving due attention at BSNL Management level also. The process is likely to begin soon. (4) The issues regarding attendant conditions, functional promotion and service weightage  highlighted by the Association before the Chairman Telecom Commission is expected to come up for discussion on 1st August 2005 when the CMD and Director (HRD) meets the Chairman Telecom Commission as desired by Chairman Telecom Commission. (5) The National Telecom Policy 2005 and its adverse clauses likely to affect the fortunes of BSNL will be resisted with all might. A memorandum in this regard is submitted to Hon.MOC on 28-07-2005.

KERALA NEWS 28th   July 2005The effort of the Association to clear officiating Promotion of JTOs of 1995 batch to SDEs has been successful. 143 JTOs promoted on officiating basis as SDEs.Order No. ST-III/3-25(O)/2005 dated 28-07-2005>>>>>>>

JULY  2005 EVENTS>>>

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