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31st  July 2005Circle conference of Chennai Telephones held with grandeur and glan. Technical Seminar attended by CGM, GMs on 29-07-2005 morning was a grand affair with great participation. The open session on 29-07-2005 evening attended by around 1200 SNEA activists was addressed by CGM Chennai Telephones Shri.K.B.BRAHMADATTAN, CHQ President Com. W.Seshagiri Rao, GS Com.G.L.Jogi, AGS Com.A.Sukumaran, CHQ Treasurer Com. H.Muthu, Jt.Secretary (South) Com.T.Issac,TN Circle Secretary Com.Jayapal, Circle Secreatry Chennai Com. M.Munuswamy, Shri. C.V.Vinod ITSA Secretary among others.The new team of office bearers elected unanimously are (1) President - Com Ranganathan, (2)  Circle Secretary - Com.V.Sunder,  (3) Treasurer - Com.H.Ramagopalan (4) Asst.Circle Secretaries - Com S.Sundararajan, Com N.Chittibabu (5) CWC Members - Com.M.Munuswamy, Com S.Venkatraman, Com.Karunanidhi.

28th  July 2005CHQ President Com.W.Seshagiri Rao and General Secretary Com.G.L.Jogi conclude their highly successful tour of Kerala Circle. Large crowds thronged venues at Ernakulam, Alleppy and Trivandrum to listen and interact with Gs and wish the very best to the GS and CHQ President Com.W.Seshagiri Rao. GS and the CHQ President highlighted various issues facing us and coming up on the service front as well as the financial setup of BSNL. The leaders exhorted the members to start immediate preparations to face any eventuality at short notice. The Gs informed the members that (1) a committee for finalising the perks for Executives of  BSNL is setup under the Chairmanship of Sr. DDG (FP) [ OrderNo.BSNL 31-1/SR/2005 dated 28-07-2005>>>>] (2) the process for assessing the vacancies of SDEs in various circles is progressing well. The DPC for promotion of JTOs to SDEs in the thus accessed vacancies is expected to commence with the proceedings by the end of August 2005. (3) The DPC for promotion of SDEs to STS, an issue prominently taken up by the Association with the Chairman Telecom Commission is receiving due attention at BSNL Management level also. The process is likely to begin soon. (4) The issues regarding attendant conditions, functional promotion and service weightage  highlighted by the Association before the Chairman Telecom Commission is expected to come up for discussion on 1st August 2005 when the CMD and Director (HRD) meets the Chairman Telecom Commission as desired by Chairman Telecom Commission. (5) The National Telecom Policy 2005 and its adverse clauses likely to affect the fortunes of BSNL will be resisted with all might. A memorandum in this regard is submitted to Hon.MOC on 28-07-2005.

KERALA NEWS 28th   July 2005The effort of the Association to clear officiating Promotion of JTOs of 1995 batch to SDEs has been successful. 143 JTOs promoted on officiating basis as SDEs. Order No. ST-III/3-25(O)/2005 dated 28-07-2005>>>>>>>

26th  July 2005As reported yesterday (on 25-07-2005) the BSNL Director Board has cleared the Time Bound Promotion for Executives in BSNL with the rider that the CMD should appraise the contents of the policy to the Secretary DOT before issuing the final orders.

25th  July 2005BSNL Director Board meeting after intense deliberations is understood have cleared the Time Bound Promotion in principle. It is also learned that the Director Board has sought clarifications on one or two issues regarding the policy.

22nd  July 2005GS reminds Director (HRD) - Initiate immediate action to finalize perks for Executives.>>>>>>>

22nd  July 2005Recruitment Rules of AD (OL)s - The newly proposed method of competitive examination is highly unjust and damaging to the interests of the eligible seniors who were promised promotion by a recruitment rule just two years old - as a one time measure fill up the existing posts of AD (OL) s strictly according to the provisions of the Recruitment Rules 02. GS writes to Director (HRD)>>>>>      

22nd  July 2005Special Pay to all the ADs working in Circle Office/UP (W)- GS addresses Director (HRD) >>>>>>


21st  July 2005Revised IDA rates from 01-07-2005. Orders issued for payment. Order No.14-1/2005-PAT(BSNL) dated 20-07-2005>>>>>>>

BSNL GSLI Scheme. Clarifications issued by BSNL. Order No.500-57/2005/CAII dated 21-07-2005>>>>>>

TA/DA Rules Clarification on mileage allowances. Order No.7-6/2004-EF dated 20-07-2005>>>>>>>>

20th  July 2005The Association takes up in very strong terms that abnormal delay in settlement of crucial HR issues like (1) Regular DPC from JTO to SDE for the vacancies of 2003-04,2004-05 (2) Adhoc DPC from SDE to Adhoc STS (3) Restoration of powers to CGMs for creation of Gr B posts (4) Finalization of Man power plan for 2005-06 (5) Holding of competitive examination against about 2300 TES Gr B posts - will lead to another industrial unrest in BSNL. GS addresses CMD and Chairman Telecom Commission.>>>>>>
GS directs CHQ/Circle Office Bearers/ Activists to remain in a state of complete organisational preparedness to face exigencies at short notice.

18th  July 2005GS follows up action to remove attendant conditions for Time Bound Promotion elaborating citing provisions in recruitment rules for regular promotions. He addresses Addl. Secretary Telecom Shri. Y.S.Bhave and Advisor (Production) DOT Sh. R. N. Prabhakar and meets board members. Letter addressed to Addl. Secretary and Advisor (Production ) DOT. >>>>>>>>

18th  July 2005BSNL Director Board meeting slated for 20th July has been postponed to 25th July 2005 since CMD is out of Delhi for the entire week.

15th  July 2005GS writes to Chairman, Telecom Commission  to intervene against the delay in holding DPCs for promotion of SDEs to Adhoc DEs against vacancies which is lying unfilled for quite some time. >>>>>>>>

KERALA NEWS 14th   July 2005CEC of Kerala Circle scheduled for 27th July 2005. CHQ President and GS will address the CEC of Kerala Circle. Notice >>>>>>>

14th  July 2005GS meets and submits letter to Addl. Secretary Telecom Shri. Y.S.Bhave and Advisor (Production) DOT Sh. R. N. Prabhakar. GS highlights the stringent attendant conditions attached to the Time Bound Promotion against all norms and justice. The Government representatives on the BSNL Board Shri.Bhave and Shri.Prabhakar were appreciative  of the valid arguments raised by the Association and concurred with our views that attendant conditions for Time Bound Promotion cannot be more stringent than those of regular promotion. They also promised appropriate intervention. The issue of service weightage highlighted by us would be examined, they assured.  Letter addressed to Addl. Secretary and Advisor (Production ) DOT. >>>>>>>>

12th  July 2005BSNL Director Board clears EPF proposal for JTOs recruited after 1-10-2000.One year of committed pursuance and determined steps by the SNEA has ultimately borne precious fruits for the youthful members of the association. The statutory 1952 EPF Act and its adverse clauses on ceiling of the contribution had to be surmounted and overcome only by the determined effort of the association to the benefit of our young comrades. The group insurance scheme also has been recently cleared. The two major and decisive issues reflecting on the future of JTOs recruited in BSNL have thus been settled most favourably by the tireless effort of SNEA.

11th  July 2005Discussions on time-bound promotion policy were held for about one hour in the director board meeting held on 11th July, 2005. The subject required more study by the external (government) members of the board. Accordingly, further discussions will be held in the next board meeting scheduled for July 20th 2005.

7th  July 20057th  July 2005GS meets and takes up the issues related to promotion policy with the Chairman Telecom Commission reminding him of the settlement made by the Hon.MOC on 23rd March 2005.>>>>>>>>>>>

7th  July 2005United Forum of Executives substantiates the demands for perks for Executives and demands expeditious sanction. >>>>>>>>>>>>
7th  July 2005Director Board meeting scheduled to be held on 11thJuly 2005. Promotion Policy, EPF Contribution of JTOs recruited by BSNL, Manpower planning etc. likely to figure in the meeting.

7th  July 2005Partial modification of "TA/DA Rules 2002". Revised classification of Cities and new rates for entitlement of hotel/for the stay of BSNL officers w.e.f from the date of the order. Order No.7-6/2004 dated 6-7-2005 >>>>>>

5th  July 2005Corrections to the Seniority lists issued by DOT. Order No.16-1/2001STG-II(Part File) dated 22-06-2005. >>>>>>>>>>

4th   July 2005SNEA leaders led by GS meets chairman Telecom Commission to highlight the issues on promotion policy. They reminded the Chairman about the settlement of the agitation on 23rd March 2005 with the Hon.MOC. The Chairman TC assured that he will positively intervene as committed by the Hon.MOC to settle all issues related to promotion policy.

Letter addressed to Chairman TC >>>>>

4th   July 2005GS meets  DDG (Estt), Director (Staff) DOT to speed up the process of promotion of SDEs to Adhoc DEs.

1st   July 2005BSNL Group Saving Linked Insurance Scheme comes onto force with effect from 20th August 2005. Salient features of the 'BSNL GSLI Scheme' are
Category Group Monthly Contribution/Premium Sum Assured
I Executives ( IDA pay scale of Rs.14,500- 350-18700 and beyond)

Rs.525/- (Rs.150/- will be towards life cover, Rs.350/- towards savings fund and Rs.25/- towards accident benefit)

II Executives ( IDA pay scale up to Rs.13,000- 350-18250 )

Rs.315/- (Rs.90/- will be towards life cover, Rs.210/- towards savings fund and Rs.15/- towards accident benefit)



III Non-Executives in Group 'C' & 'D'

Rs.105/- (Rs.30/- will be towards life cover, Rs.70/- towards savings fund and Rs.5/- towards accident benefit)



All adhoc DEs/CAOs etc with 365 days of continuous service in that category will be included in Category I of Executives. Accident benefit - additional sum equal to the sum assured. The scheme is compulsory for all employees of BSNL.

29th   June 2005The expected Director Board meeting didn't  take place due to the pre-occupation of Addl Secretary DOT.

27th   June 2005 Discuss draft promotion policy with the Associations before sending it to BSNL board for final concurrence. - GS addresses Director (HRD)>>>>>>

27th   June 2005Review and abolish stringent attendant conditions recommended by HLC in the draft promotion policy which are surely going to be a graveyard for JTOs/SDEs etc. - SNEA writes CMD BSNL >>>>>>

27th   June 2005Abnormal and unacceptable delay in resolving the issues of executives - United Forum of Executives addresses CMD BSNL.>>>>>>

27th   June 2005The BSNL Management Committee in its meeting on 27/06/2005 after considering the reports on Promotion Policy has approved only the Time Bound Promotion with very minor reduction in the qualifying marks from 60 to 56 and  not approved the functional promotional part. We severely condemn the decision of the Management Committee . Members at base level may start earnest preparations for another struggle.

KERALA NEWS 27th   June 2005Officiating promotion of JTOs to SDEs -Modification of Order No. ST.III/3-25(O)/2004 dated 28/5/2005. Order No.ST.III/3-25(O)/2004/Part.III dated 25/06/2005>>>>>>.

ST.III/3-25(O)/2004/Part.III dated 25/06/2005>>>>>>.Order of Effecting the Order No. ST.III/3-25(O)/2004 dated 28/5/2005 is extended upto 30/06/2005. Order No.ST.III/3-25(O)/2004/Part.III dated 25/06/2005>>>>>>.

24th   June 2005GS meets CMD and impresses upon him the urgency and necessity to settle all issues connected with promotion policy.

24th   June 2005GS meets Director (HRD) and holds further discussion on promotion policy. He specified that the attendant condition proposed for time bound promotion were much harsher than the conditions for regular promotions prevalent in BSNL at present. Hence the Associations cannot tolerate the proposed attendant conditions. The Director (HRD) also agrees to the Association to speed up the process of DPC for promotion of SDEs to DEs.

24th   June 2005GPF for JTOs recruited in BSNL.- It is likely to be cleared by the BSNL Director Board meeting proposed on 29th June 2005. SNEA's continuous demands have been incorporated in the draft being placed before the Director Board. Accordingly GPF contribution will be 12% of the Basic Pay + IDA + Lunch allowance (when implemented)


JUNE  2005 EVENTS>>>

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