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29th   June 2005The expected Director Board meeting didn't  take place due to the pre-occupation of Addl Secretary DOT.

27th   June 2005 Discuss draft promotion policy with the Associations before sending it to BSNL board for final concurrence. - GS addresses Director (HRD)>>>>>>

27th   June 2005Review and abolish stringent attendant conditions recommended by HLC in the draft promotion policy which are surely going to be a graveyard for JTOs/SDEs etc. - SNEA writes CMD BSNL >>>>>>

27th   June 2005Abnormal and unacceptable delay in resolving the issues of executives - United Forum of Executives addresses CMD BSNL.>>>>>>

27th   June 2005The BSNL Management Committee in its meeting on 27/06/2005 after considering the reports on Promotion Policy has approved only the Time Bound Promotion with very minor reduction in the qualifying marks from 60 to 56 and  not approved the functional promotional part. We severely condemn the decision of the Management Committee . Members at base level may start earnest preparations for another struggle.

KERALA NEWS 27th   June 2005Officiating promotion of JTOs to SDEs -Modification of Order No. ST.III/3-25(O)/2004 dated 28/5/2005. Order No.ST.III/3-25(O)/2004/Part.III dated 25/06/2005>>>>>>.

ST.III/3-25(O)/2004/Part.III dated 25/06/2005>>>>>>.Order of Effecting the Order No. ST.III/3-25(O)/2004 dated 28/5/2005 is extended upto 30/06/2005. Order No.ST.III/3-25(O)/2004/Part.III dated 25/06/2005>>>>>>.

24th   June 2005GS meets CMD and impresses upon him the urgency and necessity to settle all issues connected with promotion policy.

24th   June 2005GS meets Director (HRD) and holds further discussion on promotion policy. He specified that the attendant condition proposed for time bound promotion were much harsher than the conditions for regular promotions prevalent in BSNL at present. Hence the Associations cannot tolerate the proposed attendant conditions. The Director (HRD) also agrees to the Association to speed up the process of DPC for promotion of SDEs to DEs.

24th   June 2005GPF for JTOs recruited in BSNL.- It is likely to be cleared by the BSNL Director Board meeting proposed on 29th June 2005. SNEA's continuous demands have been incorporated in the draft being placed before the Director Board. Accordingly GPF contribution will be 12% of the Basic Pay + IDA + Lunch allowance (when implemented)


24th   June 2005Inter Circle transfer of  (1) TES Grp B Officers- Order No.1-4/2005-Pers-II dated 24-06-2005 >>>>>>

(2) STS of ITS Grp A Officers- Order No.412-26/2005-Pers-I dated 23-06-2005>>>>>>>

23rd   June 2005The management Committee meeting (postponed from 22-06-2005) is expected to be held on 25th or 27th June 2005. It is understood that all the three reports regarding promotion policy will be taken up for consideration by the Management Committee. Report  (1). Report of HLC initially formed to submit its recommendations on Promotion Policy etc. Report  (2). Report regarding queries raised by Management Committee on financial upgradation. Report (3). Report of the fast track committee formed after agitation.

23rd   June 2005The objections raised by the Association on implementation of Group Insurance Scheme has been given due consideration. On strong pressure from the Association amendment have been made to include officers working in the pay scale of Rs.14500 -350-18700 for at least 180 days also in that bracket.

23rd   June 2005Resolutions approved By CWC Hyderabad  forwarded to CMD >>>>>>

23rd   June 2005Association protest inordinate delay in holding Competitive Exam against about 2300 TES Gr.B vacancies. GS addresses Director (HRD) >>>>>>>

22nd   June 2005Management Committee meeting scheduled for 22nd June 2005 doesn't take place as CMD and Director (HRD) are away in Baroda to attend the victims of the tragic accident.

18th   June 2005The CWC calls upon the BSNL Management to immediately settle its demands on Promotion Policy and allied matters. (1) to provide service weightage for past service rendered in DOT (2) to ensure the functional   upgradation at least up to STS is implemented. (3) to implement Time Bound Promotion policy without any attendant conditions (3) to declare the notional date of effect of Civil/ Electrical/ Architecture/POs /JAOs etc fixed at 1-10-2000.

KERALA NEWS14th   June 2005The CEC meeting held on 14thJune 2005 unanimously decided to urge the CWC to go ahead with all strategies including the strongest form of agitational programmes to ensure successful settlement of the promotional policy. The Committee decided

 I. (1) service weightage should not be sacrificial beyond the limit arrived at the CWC Kurnool decision.

(2)  Functional promotion, the core of the promotion policy, should at all costs be won over without any dilution from the compromise formula working out by the United Front.

(3) To ensure that the recruitment of Management Trainees is kept to the barest minimum if not zero. In the revised Recruitment rules if and when framed should contain provision for

 (i) Participation of all eligible officers irrespective of the qualification for the internal Competitive quota.

(ii) The Recruitment DPCs must be conducted every year. In case there is a lapse in the part of the Management or if Recruitment of Management Trainees to the actual quota doesn’t take place in a particular year the outside quota should immediately be passed over to the Seniority quota of the year.

(4) to ensure that the notional date of effect of pay scales for Civil/ Electrical/ Architecture/POs /JAOs etc fixed at 1-10-2000.

II. the CEC unanimously resolves to extend the tenure of the present Circle Body for further period of six months from 28-05-2005 or the next Circle Conference which ever is earlier.

III. The next Circle Conference will be held at Kozhikode preferably with in three months.

14th   June 2005General Secretaries Com.G.L.Jogi and Com S.Basu meet CMD on 14th June 2005 to discuss about the provocative issues regarding promotional policy. The CMD confirms that he will go ahead with functional promotion as recommended by the fast track committee. He also assures that the recommendations of the Committee including functional promotion are expected to be cleared by the Management Committee in its meeting on 22nd June 2005 and will then be placed for the approval of the Director Board scheduled to meet on 29th June 2005. The leaders also raised objections against the attendant conditions reported as recommended by the fast track committee. The CMD said that he will reconsider the case on receipt of our written views. The track record of the BSNL Management has thus far not been as straight as we expected. Members may therefore exercise nothing more than cautious optimism. The CWC meeting of SNEA at Hyderabad will consider all the issues in the right perspective taking into consideration the opinion and views of the grass root level members and work out strategies to ensure satisfactory settlement of the promotion Policy.

10th   June 2005GS Com.G.L.Jogi and Com.S.Basu meet the new Special Secretary Telecom Dr.J.S.Sharma to appraise him of the denial and delaying of justice to the Executives of BSNL in respect of their Promotion Policy and related matters. The agitation on these issues was deferred at the intervention of Hon.MOC. The Spl.Secretary was extremely considerate and his response very encouraging. We will persue the issues further at his level also.

10th   June 2005The CEC of Haryana Circle, addressed by AGS Com.Sukhvir Singh, was held at Jind on 09-06-2005.The open session in this connection was addressed by CGM Haryana Circle, GMTD Jind, AGS Com.Sukhvir Singh, CS Com.Aravind Pal Dahiya etc.

9th   June 2005The Director Board meeting expected to be held on 11th June 2005 postponed  since CMD is out of country.
9th   June 2005CEC of Rajasthan Circle held at Jaipur on 08-06-2005.A grand open session organised in connection with the CEC was addressed by GS Com G.L.Jogi, CGM Rajasthan Circle, GM (O), GM(D), GM( Admn) of Rajasthan Circle.

CEC meeting scheduled for 28th May 2005 postponed to 14th June 2005 for a direct interaction with GS. GS will address a meeting of the general membership at Ernakulam on 13th June 2005 at 15.00 Hrs. All Executives in Kerala Circle are welcome.

MAY  2005 EVENTS>>>

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