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Notice for Central Working Committee >>>>>>>>>
30th   May 2005SNEA activists led by GS assert our views against TRAI's move to reduce ADC in TRAI open forum held at New Delhi on 30th May 2005. Dr.Kabir Porkayasta and  Dr. K. Ashok Rao participates in the discussions strongly supporting our view points. BSNL Management also presents the case convincingly.
28th   May 2005Creation of posts : SNEA reiterates restoring of powers to CGMs. >>>>>>
28th   May 2005United Forum demands announcement of perks for Executives within in two months. >>>>>>>>>
28th   May 2005United Forum reacts against violation of agreement regarding General Insurance Scheme. >>>>>>>>>
28th   May 2005Punjab High Court Chandigargh grants stay to applicants (1966 case) on the same lines as Kerala High Court on a petition filed by SNEA activists.

27th   May 2005National Commission on Scheduled Tribes have directed BSNL regarding filling up of ST quota in promotion for JTO (Elect) to SDE (Elect) to forward all the cases to DOP&T for final decision.


26th   May 2005Allahabad High Court quashes the stay granted against the filling up of STS posts. This clears the way for promotion of SDEs to Adhoc DEs. Association will pursue filling up of all STS posts by promotion eligible SDEs/Sr. SDEs.

28th   May 2005Orders issued for officiating promotion to 160 JTOs Order No.ST-III/3-25(O)/2004 dated 28-05-2005>>>>>>>>

26th   May 2005Allahabad High Court quashes the stay granted against the filling up of STS posts. This clears the way for promotion of SDEs to Adhoc DEs. Association will pursue filling up of all STS posts by promotion eligible SDEs/Sr.SDEs

25th   May 2005Recommendations of the committee on promotion policy comes up for discussion in the Management Committee meeting held on 25th May 2005. Final approval is expected to be given by the Management Committee before the next BSNL Board meeting slated for 11th June 2005.
25th   May 2005General Secretary to attend CEC meeting of Kerala Circle on 14th June 2005 and meeting at Bangalore on 15th June 2005 before proceeding to Hyderabad for CWC meeting on 18th June 2005
25th   May 2005Executive Voluntary Retirement Scheme-2005.>>>>. Voluntary retirement scheme for the Executives in MTNL. Option to be exercised between 1-06-2005 and 30-06-2005.

24th   May 2005Case regarding promotion of JTO (Electrical) to SDE (Electrical) on a petition filed by Shri.Purushotham Meena  is coming up for hearing by National Commission for Scheduled Tribes on 25th May 2005. JTOs in Electrical may present their views to the Commission for early disposal so that DPC can be held.

20th   May 2005National Executive Council of NCOA met at Bangalore on 15-05-2005 and took the following land mark decisions (1) to demand merger  of 50% DA for PSUs following IDA pay scale. (2) to demand exception of perquisites from Income Tax.

19th   May 2005An emergent one day CWC meeting exclusively to discuss Promotion Policy will be held at RTTC Hyderabad on 18th June 2005. Accomadation will be available from 17th June 2005 evening to 19th June 2005 morning. Circle Secretaries are requested to hold the CEC meetings and elicit opinion of General Membership on the various aspects of the Promotion Policy and further action in the matter.

19th   May 2005DDG(SR) informs the Association that very through and detailed discussions were held on the recommendations of the Committee on Promotion Policy of Executives in the Management Committee meeting held on 18-05-2005. Sr.DDG (Estt) ,Chairman of the Committee himself was available in the meeting to present the recommendations to the Management Committee. Further discussions expectedly conclusive will take place on 25th May 2005 after which it is likely to be placed before the Director Board meeting to be held in June 2005

19th   May 2005Re-allotment for 13 SDEs promoted vide order No.2-10/2004-Pers II dated 13-04-2005 . Order No.2-10/2004-Pers II dated 18-04-2005 >>>>>>

KERALA NEWS17th   May 2005CEC of KERALA Circle notified for 28th May 2005. Venue - Hotel Malabar Gate, Kozhikode.

17th   May 200511 circles not yet send the proposals for the man power plan for 2005-06. The circles are (1) Bihar (2) Chattisgarh (3) Haryana (4) J&K (5) Jharkhand (6) Kerala (7) N E - II (8) Orissa (9)Tamilnadu (10) Uttaranchal (11) Chennai TD. The CSs are requested to expedite the issue at the earliest.

16th   May 2005Man power plan for 2004-05 - STS posts sanctioned by BSNL Board after a lot of pursuance by the Association could not be sanctioned for 8 circles. This is due to non-availability of details from the respective circles. These circles are (1) Assam (2)Bihar (3)Himachal Pradesh (4) J&K (5) Karnataka (6) West Bengal (7) NE-I.

15th   May 2005CEC of UP (E) Circle held on 14th May 2005  at Varanasi. A well attended Open Session on the topic " Role of BSNL Executives in the present scenario " was addressed by Shri.R.K.Misra, GM TD , Varanasi and Com. Sukhvir Singh AGS.  GM TD congratulated SNEA in conducting the open session.

12th   May 2005Time Bound Promotion comes up for discussion in the BSNL Management Committee on 11th May 2005. Association leaders meet CMD and Director (HRD) etc. to expedite the process. CMD assured positive and expeditious action.

9th   May 2005Corrections to the Seniority lists issued by DOT. Order No.16-1/2001STG-II(Part) dated 27-04-2005.

(1)Corrections in Lists 3,4,5.Pages No.1-12 >>>>>

(2)Corrections in List 6.>>>>>>

6th   May 2005Chairman and Members of the Committee briefs the new Director (HRD) on their recommendations on Time Bound Promotion etc. on 6th May,2005. The report is now expected to be taken up in the Management Committee on 11-05-2005.

6th   May 2005Format for representation for members missing out in list number V & VI due to recently revised Seniority (Case of 1966 officers) and placed in incorrect position. (i) Format for missing cases.>>>>>>    (ii) Format for incorrect position.>>>>>

5th   May 2005Association meets new Director (HRD)Shri.Niranjan Singh, Sr.DDG (E), DDG (SR) to persue further on the promotion policy. The Director (HRD) evinced keen interest and assumed that positive and early steps would be taken to resolve our issues. The report of the committee is expected to come up for discussion and approval in the Management Committee meeting scheduled on 11th May 2005. The Management committee on 4th May 2005 didn't take place due to the absence of the CGM from Delhi.

4th   May 2005General Secretary after the successful tour of Tamilnadu Circle for attending the CEC meeting of Tamilnadu Circle at Karaikudi and other meetings has returned to HQrs on 3-05-2005.


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